Gasping For Breath

by Choked Out

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released December 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Choked Out Middlesbrough, UK

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Track Name: Mindtrap
Trapped in a nightmare, stuck in my head
Thinking to myself that id be better off dead
It gets worse as the time goes by
My thoughts seem to dim before they arrive
Tainted by the misery that I create
The people who help are met with hate
It's like im losing, I am lost at sea
Drowning in a shark tank of my own misery

Plagued by judgement by my own mind
For the decisions I made in life
Haunting me like a ghostly shadow
I have nowhere to turn and nowhere to go
Self infliction sadness, hurt and pain
I will never feel the same again
By the agony and guilt I have gained
My scarred soul is all thats remained

Regretting my past is my burden to bare
It's the pain I carry and the love I share
Grow and strive, learn and love
It's the second chance we all deserve
Track Name: Anchored By Anxiety
Isolation is all that I know
It's the only time I feel at home
I prefer to be in my own company
Surrounded by people just worries me
My chests closing and I grasp it tight
Sweat Begins to run am I gonna die
Overthinking starts to take its toll
I have never felt so damn alone

Anxiety hits theres no way to resist
Telling me that my problems still exist
A voice tells me im burden to all
Thats nobody likes me it wants to see me fall
Small whispers send tremors through me
Negativity seeping out of my body
I can't seem to control this pain
I need to fight it to remain sane
Track Name: Gasping For Breath
Compulsion wears thin on those condemned
Sometimes wishing for their time to end
In a curseful loop where the mind replays
Locked away from the word, wasted days
Blistered by the pain that others bare
Their blinding ignorance makes you aware
Far too stubborn to seek for help
But too afraid to hang myself

Gasping for breath
Lost in my own mind
Gasping for breath
Fighting to survive
Gasping for breath
I will find my peace
Praying for this pain to finally leave

Im fighting hard to get back on track
Mindless thoughts of death hold me back
Troubled thoughts poison my mind
Searching for an answer ill never fucking find